Private Sector Publishers are Essential to the Quality and Integrity of the US Patent and Trademark System:

The US patent and trademark system depends on the dissemination of value-added information.  Such dissemination can best be achieved by a public-private partnership that takes advantage of the core strengths of private sector publishers.  A competitive private sector patent and trademark information industry complemented by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides the optimal approach for meeting the broad range of user needs—from specialists to the general public. 


We believe the following principles are critical to ensuring the highest quality and integrity of the US patent and trademark system: 

  • USPTO Policies Should Encourage a Diversity of Sources for Patent Information

  • The USPTO’s Funding Allocations Should Give the Highest Priority to Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Internal Operations

  • Congress and the USPTO Should Recognize That Functionality Is Value, and Functionality Costs

  • The USPTO’s Policies Should Create an Environment for Maximizing Competition among Private Sector Patent and Trademark Information Providers

  • The USPTO’s Policies Should Be Informed by Competition Law and Antitrust Law Principles of Fair Competition